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Best DegreesYou deserve unbiased information from people who just want to make sure you aren't part of the next student debt crisis that is expected to slow down any economic recovery we hope to have.

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Because not everyone can get into Harvard and Yale, and the vast majority of parents want their kids to do better than they did, but without skyrocketing student debt, our goal is to provide people with realistic choices and some advice. You can definitely study to find your dream career, but it helps to balance that goal out with something you can fall back on. While President Obama recently made waves by making fun of Art History majors, he still had a point that the real world of jobs needs a skillset that doesn't care if you know your Monet from your Manet, or your Kandinsky from your Pollack. Many bigger colleges keep raising tuition "just because" while they pump out people with degrees that aren't worth the artificial sheepsking that they are printed on.

This website is also part of a family of informational sites that are part of the author's continuing education and research, and own personal edification. There are a lot of typos because the content is written in a text editor that does not correct misspellings. Your author has a degree in English, and one day hopes that English Degree Jobs offer a bit more money and more opportunities than teaching and paralegal work. Unfortunately, algorithms and spun articles have clogged up the Internet with more garbage content than ever, so the needle gets smaller and the haystack gets bigger.